Beauty Way was founded in November 2013 to cover the modern needs and demands of the ever-evolving cosmetics and beauty care products market. We commenced our activity as the strategic partner of Henkel Beauty Care Retail & Professional in Greece, covering Greek-wide the cosmetics stores network, as well as the cosmetics stores wholesales. Since January 2015 through the INDOLA brand name, we also venture in the demanding hairdresser salons market.

Very soon we succeeded in “winning the bet” and gain solid footing in the cosmetics and beauty care products sector, not exclusively as the extension of Henkel but also as an autonomous entity in the Greek market. Beyond undertaking the exclusive Greece-wide distribution of INDOLA, new collaborations are being established always for the cosmetics market sector.

Staying faithful to the rationale of continuous company development and customer support, in September 2017 we launched the first exclusive training center (academy) for INDOLA worldwide. The INDOLA ed(you)cation center set a basis on which academies are being formed in other countries.

Further strengthening our business position in the professional salon products sector, in November 2020 we undertook the exclusive distribution and dealership of SEXY HAIR in Greece, importing the products directly from the USA.

The effectiveness of our distribution network and customization of promotional methods were the primary tools which led us to quickly win the trust of cosmetics stores and hairdresser salons, amid a period of deep recession in the Greek market and economy.

On such foundations we base our corporate culture, ethos and responsibility.